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OPC Houston-wide planning, prayer, and discussion


Coming this weekend -

Saturday, January 7, from 8:30 AM-12 NOON,

Around 15 men from Kingwood, Cypress, and Sugar Land—all-Houston, all-Orthodox Presbyterian Church participants—will be meeting over at the Rev. Richard Colquitt's home for our second brainstorming meeting.

At our first meeting back in May of 2016, we tackled some 20-25 areas of planning, brainstorming, and other matters of setting out practical concerns for developing a long range plan for ministry.

Our long term objective is to develop a 10-12 year plan that includes strengthening our existing churches and as well looks ahead at church planting in and around the greater Houston area. 

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Pastor Mark Sumpter
(541) 450-1982
Pastor Mark Sumpter