Audio: Luke 7:36-50 - Hospitality and Friendship


Hospitality and Friendship

Luke 7:36-50

Rev. Mark Sumpter

message this week

Seeing hospitality and friendship is key. Jesus Christ comes to dine in the home of Simon, the Pharisee. To be sure, we see our Savior ministering as a prophet and as the Lord who forgives (only God can forgive sins!)

The two sinners in this story—the Pharisee, Simon, and the unnamed woman—both have needs. Even though Simon is to be the host at the table, Jesus steps in! Simon should have ministered welcome, care, and friendship; instead, our Lord shows His own way of hosting: the friendship of forgiving the woman, and drawing near to her for fellowship and showing care. Simon might be a host, but the true host is our Lord and Savior.