Audio: Isaiah 7:1-17 - Isaiah's Ministry to Ahaz


Isaiah's Ministry to Ahaz

Isaiah 7:1-17

Rev. Mark Sumpter

Isaiah's Ministry to Ahaz

Where is your faith? We hear that question often in the Christian life. It’s always a timely question. After all, we are dependent creatures. We all are leaners—we lean on, depend on, rely on someone or something. It’s inescapable: we lean on the Lord or we lean on man.

King Ahaz of Judah in Isaiah 7 is a leaner. At a place or two in our passage, he seems to lean on the Lord, but Isaiah uncovers for us—nah, he’s relying upon himself.

Self-reliance is sneaky and it is worthy of damnation. And with self-reliance, we can spin ourselves into knots with worries and fears. In the Book of James, it is associated with doubt. To be a doubter is also connected to being a divided man, a double-minded man; and such a person is unstable in all his ways (see James 1:6-8).

The hope in Isaiah 7 comes through God’s continual, steadfast way of pursuing Ahaz and the whole house of David (the people of God) with promise after promise. We can be a people of doubt and those with misplaced faith. However, God is patient. He draws us. He pursues us. He keeps ministering to us.

In this story of Isaiah 7, we have the promise and the sign of God’s loyal love: it’s a child to be born, who is named Immanuel “God with us.” With God being persistent and faithful, who gives his trustworthy promises, as seen in Isaiah 7, we learn to lean on him, not ourselves.