Sermon on the Mount - Lesson 04 - Matt 5:8-12


This week we will finish up with the last three Beatitudes. The first two, Beatitudes six and seven (Matt 5:8-9), being pure in heart and a peacemaker, are qualities that many in our culture would agree with, and yet we do not practice them as we ought. To be pure in heart we must be fully committed to the Lord with no room for idols. To be a peacemaker is to be at peace with God and others in the church. While these two characteristics should be encouraged in society we see that they will actually invite persecution, and so the last Beatitude (Matt 5:10-11) reminds us of the blessing of persecution and how we should rejoice. Now persecution is not always from the fist of our enemy, but often is from his tongue. The slander of Christians is a common form of persecution in our day, and yet we are blessed because of it. So please come out this Sunday evening and learn more about these last three Beatitudes. Hope to see you there.