Sermon on the Mount - Lesson 07 - Matt 5:21-32


Once I was attending a church where the pastor said it was easy to keep the Ten Commandments; just don't murder, steal, and so on. Clearly that minister had never read Jesus' words in Matthew 5:21-32. In this passage Jesus tells us, it is not enough to simply not murder physically, but we also shouldn't destroy others' lives verbally. There is also the issue of the heart, that we ought not hate our brother in our heart. How many of us are guilty of murder without a knife or gun? Jesus also tells us it is not enough that we do not commit adultery with our bodies, but we also must not commit adultery in our hearts. How many of us are guilty of such lust? The third issue we will study is that of divorce. Here Jesus teaches that easy, no-fault divorce is wrong. That in fact God hates divorce save the grounds of sexual immorality. These are big issues, perhaps touchy issues that will be dealt with biblically and lovingly, so I invite you to come out and study the way Jesus longs for us to live as a people who are justified by faith alone.